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Here are selected prayer needs from inquirers who have written to us at Network211.

Reaching the World Through the Internet

So, what is it that you do? We are AGWM missionaries. We served as appointed missionaries for 20 years in Indonesia. In 2009 we transitioned to a new form of ministry, Internet Evangelism.

What Do You Do?

Keith's primary ministry is serving with Network211 as VP of Technology. He is responsible for all the computer servers, websites, and anything else technical.

Network211's primary focus is Evangelism and Discipleship using the Internet as the medium of delivery. Our current goal is to reach 100 million people around the world with a gospel presentation. Here is a list of the evangelism sites currently deployed:

How does it Work?

  1. A person visits one of our websites. They could have seen an ad on Google Ads or done a search and found our site.
  2. The person views the gospel presentation. Each video presentation concludes with an invitation to pray a prayer of surrender to Jesus.
  3. They click one of the responses buttons available. The available options are: "I prayed the prayer," "I have questions," "I have a prayer need"
  4. The visitor completes a form on our site which includes his or her name, email address and any comment or question.
  5. The information he or she submits goes into our secure discipleship system waiting for an answer
  6. One of our volunteer Connectors sees their decision and replies to the visitor (Inquirer). The Connector gives the visitor encouragement, prays and provides links to material that helps them grow in Christ. The Connector also offers to find a local church where the Inquirer can worship with other believers.
  7. The Connector and Inquirer exchange email messages.

Does It Really Work?

Yes it does. If you look at the widget in the column at the right, you will see up to date statistics. As I write this (Feb, 2015), over 15 million have visited one of the sites above; 790,000 have clicked a response button and almost 180,000 have contacted us with their name, email address and decision.