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MRP For Windows 2.2.1 September 2012

The Missionary Records Program is a specialized program designed for AGWM USA personnel. This page provides links to downloading MRP.

Consider trying MRP Online (MRPO)

We are currently testing a new online app for MRP. This online app will work on any OS since it runs from a browser.Nothing to download or install. You can access it from any computer connected to the internet. It is currently fully functional for Quarterly Reports and SDRs. Donor tracking and Deputational Reports are under development.

MRPO's temporary online home is keithswebs.com. Register for use here: http://keithswebs.com/site/contact.

MRP for Windows version 2.2.1 is available for download

You will need to upgrade to this version if you desire to use the CSV file provided by AGWM beginning with the July 10, 2012 email (June 2012 statement). As with every major release, there are bound to be problems, so please let us know if you encounter an error.

Download 2.2.1 here (<<--This is the one you want!)

IMPORTANT! Before you submit your reports electronically be sure:

This version of MRP has been tested on Windows XP using Access 2000 - 2007 with no problems.

Testing on Vista has been more interesting. The installer will transparently install a different version for Vista users. I have tested this on Vista and it works, but there could be problems. Please let me know if you are using Vista. Tell me your experience.

Go here to view revision history.

MRP downloads.

Important: if you have installed a previous version of MRP and entered any data, do not overwrite MRPData.mdb or you will lose your data.

Backup: When doing backup you only need to backup mrpdata.mdb. This contains all your data. Please backup!