Who are Keith And Joy?

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Who are Keith & Joy?

Glad you asked!

We are Assemblies of God World (AGWM) missionaries serving with Network211


Keith is an MK (missionary's kid) whose parents, Anthony and Clara Sorbo, served as missionaries for 40 years in Indonesia. Keith went to Indonesia for the first time with his parents in 1960. From the beginning of our time there, the Lord began to move on Keith's heart about a lifetime of service to the Indonesian people. 

After graduating from college, Keith served as a high school math teacher for a couple of years while in seminary. In 1976, Keith responded to a call to go to Manila and teach in our seminary there for 3 years. 


Joy is a PK (preacher's kid) whose parents, Philip and Betty Wannenmacher, pastored in New York, Ohio and Springfield, MO. 

Early Ministry

Although we (Keith & Joy) met in college, we chanced upon each other when Keith was getting processed to leave for the Philippines. "Let's write..." No email, text messages, just hand-written letters! Three years later we got married.

Newly-wed, we accepted an invitation to serve as Christian Education pastors in Dallas, TX. While there our only son, Rob was born. We both knew that God wanted us to serve in world missions. In 1985 we got on the plane, crossed the Pacific Ocean and began our time of ministry there.

Indonesia Ministry

Our ministry in Indonesia was primarily serving as Bible college teachers and administrators. In 1986, Keith was asked to serve as the Academic Dean of the night Bible college in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Students worked during the day and studied at night. It is a joy to return to the area and minister in churches pastored by men and women we taught during those years.

During this time, Joy became involved in ministering to homeless people in Jakarta via micro-enterprise. The people she worked with lived along the railroad tracks of the city.

In 1996, we were invited to minister in our seminary in Malang, E. Java. During our ministry there, God blessed the seminary with several new buildings. We saw hundreds of young men and women trained and commissioned for Christian ministry in Indonesia. One of our greatest joys is meeting these men and women in their places of ministry around Indonesia. 


After serving as missionaries in residence at Evangel University, Keith accepted the invitation of Dr. George Flattery to join the missions staff of a new endeavor to reach the lost using the Internet. Keith has always tinkered with computers and programming. Dr. Flattery asked Keith to lead the area of technology at Network211. (Never thought that playing with computers could be considered real work!!). 

Our initial goal at Network211 was to reach 10 million people with the Gospel in 10 years. What is amazing is that we reached that goal in exactly 5 years to the day. Now our goal is to reach 100 million https://canadarxcenter.com/tramadol people (as soon as possible!). See Project100million.com for the latest results.